We all love milk and milk
products, isn’t it? Do you know if you are not consuming right milk you are
compromising with the long term health of your entire family. In Ranchi, we
have been struggling to get organic, desi pure milk with a home delivery
service like we get in metros where we have Milkbasket.com, doodhwala.com. But
with Puresh milk, Ranchi’s wait is over.

In Ranchi due to some milk
vendors are greedy, they stake public health for their own benefits.

  • Most milk farms, milk vendors were delivering adulterated milk to the people of Ranchi, due to which there were so many health issues that exist.
  • After doing a survey among hospitals and doctors in Ranchi, we realised that many stomach and health issues were taking place due to adulterated milk consumption.
  • You can buy milk testing kits from Amazon.com and we suggest your milk regularly before giving it to your family members.

Are you aware about the
source of milk you consume?

The milk you get from healthy
cows has essential nutritional values that enable the body and mind to grow
fast. But some milk vendors gives their cows hormone injections, if the milk is
not pure and organic it has an adverse effect on your health.

Precaution is better than
Cure, so feed your family with healthy milk which will save your money incurred
on doctors and medicine as well as ensures your family’s good health.

Now you don’t have to worry about your family’s health as we have ‘Puresh Daily’ in Ranchi, your reliable milk delivery partner who delivers the milk to you within 2-3 hours of milking and we have organic farm in Ranchi itself where the cows are fed with the natural and organic fodder which we produce in the farm itself to ensure our cow’s health.

We are on a mission of #makingranchihealthier @PURESH DAILY. To know more about our milk, farm, cows, etc visit our website www.pureshmilk.com


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