Gone are those days when we use to get farm fresh milk in our neighbourhood in Ranchi. The traditional farms (khatals) have moved out of Ranchi city. Modern dairy farm in Ranchi is in huge demand as Ranchi people are fed up with chemical treated pouch milk or adulterated local milk. To get good milk in Ranchi had been a challenge.

With modern dairy farm technologies, PURESH DAILY, an organic dairy farm in Ranchi is a revolutionary model to provide natural, farm fresh, desi, organic, whole, raw, 100% pure cow milk.

To achieve the best results and maintain the highest level of hygiene in the milking process, PURESH DAILY works with the best equipment and smart milking monitoring measures.

Our modern dairy farm in Ormanjhi, Ranchi is using milking machines, chilling units, bottle packaging machine all are managed by trained farm staff .Our Dairy farm is equipped with the finest technology for feeding, milking, and processing.

  • The milk sent on its way to customers maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of milk intact, it is by far the best milk in Ranchi.

  • Each cow on our dairy farm is kept in perfect condition. Apart from shady green areas to rest and roam, they are kept cool with water sprays and fans.

  • The cows are handled with care by a specially trained team. What we focus on is not what we want, but what the cows want, the cows receive expert loving care all the way.

  • Our Dairy farm employs innovative technologies. Nothing from the land and the farming process goes to waste.

  • We grow organic fodder in the dairy farm premises, thus the Puresh Daily milk is organic and more nutritious.

PURESH DAILY dairy farm takes precautions to ensure animals are comfortable, including using fans to keep them cool, consistent access to clean water and working with a nutritionist to make sure diets are specialized to each cow’s need.

At PURESH DAILY, “Our philosophy is to harvest our land to feed our cattle, and then give back to the earth in natural form to keep it productive.”

To know more about our modern dairy farm visit www.pureshmilk.com


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