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Customer FAQ's

    1. Do you have your own farm? or you collect milk from various farmers?
      • Yes, we have our own state of the art dairy farm, at Ormanjhi, Ranchi. We also have a few franchisee dairy farms where we have full control over the hygiene, breeding ,health of cow and quality of milk so produced.
      • We don’t collect milk from external farmers/milk collection centers.

    1. How many cows are there in your farm?
      • At present, the herd size is of 150 cows (which is a mix of Desi and HF breed cows). However, our farm has a capacity of 300 cows which we are expanding step by step.

    1. Where is your farm located?
      • The PURESH DAILY dairy farm is located behind Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, Ormanjhi, Ranchi. Check out for the exact location on google maps or our website www.pureshmilk.com.

    1. How is the PURESH DAILY dairy farm is different from other farms?
      • We have a large farm area (2 acres), covered with trees and greenery so that the cows get natural ambiance.
      • Our staff are well trained and equipped with the latest dairy equipment to ensure the best health of cows and hygiene at our farm.
      • All our cows are healthier and we provide natural ayurvedic medical care for them to improve their immunity so that they do not fall sick.
      • We do not give any external injections, hormones to increase the productivity of the milk from the cows.
      • The fodder that we feed to cows is grown in the farm itself. We grow Berseem, Napier, Azola and even various grasses round the year through hydroponics technology, thus our farm's milk is organic.
    1. Where does the milk come from?
      • The milk comes from our farm at Chakla Village, Ormanhji , Ranchi. It is one of the best awarded farms of Jharkhand.

    1. What makes this milk so good?
    2. Puresh milk is pure, natural, unprocessed cow milk obtained from cows raised according to best dairy methods. That is, they are fed on a very high quality green fodder and high protein diet, their milk is obtained without contamination and the cows are not treated with any hormones. At our farms, we ensure the milk produced retains every aspect of this definition:

      • Good Breed of Cows: Our farm has indigenous( Desi) breed of cows like Sahiwal, Gir, Sindhi and Cross breed HF. Most of cows are home raised and have been disease free.
      • No artificial growth hormones: The cows are not given any hormonal injections to boost the milk yield.
      • No antibiotics or steroids: The cows are not given any steroids and antibiotics (exceptional cases can be where the ailment is serious, but those cows are not milked).
      • No stress on the lactating cows: The cows are free to roam, stay in clean and well-maintained surroundings, and live healthily.
      • No preservatives and adulterants: The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives (such as formalin), which is widely used by local dairy vendors as well as branded milk.
      • Chemical-free fodder: Fodder for the cows (green and dry) are obtained from the best local resources.
      • Full control over quality: From fodder to milk to packaging, the entire process is controlled and monitored at the farm.

      • Puresh milk is Pure, Natural, chemical-free, hormone-free and preservative-free. How can you be assured of the milk quality?

        We provide sample test reports from FSSAI accredited labs on a periodic basis to give you assurance on the milk quality. We also have a well equipped laboratory to test the milk on all adulterants and toxins on daily basis and upload the reports on our purity meter. All subscribers are welcome to visit the farm and labs on appointment, to see the processes themselves.

    1. What differentiates your products from the rest of the products in the market, whether it is local dairy or the branded milk products?
    2. Most dairies source the milk which they sell. Poorly fed cows are milked, then the milk often lies for hours in the open and is finally transferred to cans that reach the collection centre. Here, milk is transferred to a chilling centre, often subject to power shortages. The milk will then make a long journey, adulteration, infection, bacterial growth to the processing tank at the dairy where it is then packaged into plastic pouches and placed in distributor cases, waiting for agents to pick them up. Not only is the milk reaching you days later, you don't even know what you are drinking is cow milk or not.

      Our control from fodder to milk to packaging to delivery is one the key factors:

      • We use the best quality fodder and ensure only the milk from our healthy cows is packed and delivered to your home.
      • We dont process the milk thus providing purest and freshest form of milk to our subscriber. FSSAI and news media surveys have constantly highlighted heavy use of hormones (to increase cattle yield) and adulterants in milk across India and the problem being more rampant in India. Our assurance with Puresh milk is to consistently ensure that these harmful substances are never present and continuously checked for in the milk.
      • We dont use preservatives (Formalin), which is likely to be present in milk from local dairy vendors and big brands. New bottle milk supplier are not FSSAI approved and freely use Formalin because they don't have any chilling units or even farmsand bring milk from distant places. Formalin has very harmful effects on health , specially growing children.

    1. Why is the milk thickness inconsistent unlike the branded packaged milk?
      • Puresh milk is Farm fresh raw milk. We do not do any sort of processing on the milk.
      • Branded packaged milk is standardized and homogenized to ensure consistency in the milk but these processes alter the natural state of the milk.
      • Our milk thickness and taste would be impacted by weather, local seasonal fodder fed to the cows and lactation cycle of our cows.

    1. So how does the milk reach me every day?
      • After milking and filtration we instantly Chill milk to 4 deg C.
      • There are no treatment/processing or addition of any type of chemicals to improve life or taste in done.
      • MILK is kept at its most natural form.
      • The milk is then packaged in food grade glass bottles late at night and sealed.
      • It is then stored in cold room at 4 deg.
      • The milk in stored in CRATES and dispatched to Ranchi main city hub at 5 am.
      • At 5.30 am , the delivery boys carry the milk and milk products in black color insulated delivery bags.
      • The delivery management is done using our APP so that there is no mistake in delivery.
      • The delivery boy delivers the bottle at the doorstep of our customers and then Pushes the APP button to complete the billing.
      • He carries back the empty bottle of yesterday which the customer hands over.

    1. Why do you package the milk in glass bottles?
      • Glass is one of the safest materials on earth, for packaging of F&B products.
      • It is non-toxic and non-reactive, as compared to other packaging materials such as plastic, which can leach into food products.
      • Our brand values dont go with plastic or anti-environment materials, thus we use glass bottles for packaging.
      • It is very tough for us to work with daily supplies in glass bottles, but creating high quality produce and then packaging it in plastic does not make any sense to us!

    1. What is the shelf life of the milk? Do I need to boil the milk?
      • Since this is raw milk, we recommend boiling it within two hours of receiving it, especially during the summers.
      • We recommend that the customers boil the milk before the consumption as raw milk is difficult to digest unless your system is used to it.
      • After boiling, the milk can be refrigerated upto 2-3 days, as in the case of conventional milk.

    1. Do you sell toned milk too?
      • We don't do multiple variants of milk. We sell whole milk, the fat content of which is between 3.7 to 4.3 %.
      • However, whole cow milk is lighter than normal toned milk available in the market, which is primarily buffalo milk.
      • Almost 40% of the fat in the milk can be extracted in the form of cream-layer/malai when you boil the milk.

    1. Is this A1 milk or A2 milk?
      • Most of our milk has significant A2 percentage in milk as we have cross breed or pure desi cows only at our farms.
      • Most milch cattle give milk which contains both A1 & A2 protein, but to what percentage, we cannot commit.
      • It can be in any proportion for a given cow i.e. 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or vice-versa and so on.

    1. I've had cow's milk when I was a child, and it was always yellow in colour. But the milk you supply is white. Is it really cow's milk?
      • MYellow color in milk is mainly due to presence of carotenoid. Some breeds have high amounts of it while others have low amount of carotenoid generation hence the yellow tinge in the milk can vary by breed, the food and other factors.
      • Presence of less yellow tinge is nothing to worry about. It is due to the fresh seasonal diet fed to the cows.
      • After boiling and refrigerating the milk, you can witness that the malai/cream layer on the top is slightly yellow (you can say tinge of yellow), If it's full-fat cow's milk, why isn't there any thick malai on it after it is boiled and cooled?
      • Full fat milk from cow cannot be compared with conventional brands milk, because the latter is mainly buffalo milk. Also, in conventional brands, cream/fat is added as per percentage proportions to make different variants. Conventional full cream brands contain 6% fat.
      • Cow full fat milk cannot be more than 4.5% fat because it is the natural lactating property of the cow that it's light in terms of fat, thus easy to digest. That is why its widely known that cow milk fat is GOOD FAT

    1. Is your milk organic?
      • Yes, it is organic, the milk we produce on our farm is free from any external chemicals. We do not mix even a drop of water and it is packed hygienically.
      • The fodder is grown on the land which is free from pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

    1. Is your milk pasteurised?
      • No, we don't have to pasteurize our milk as we deliver our milk within 2-3 hours of milking to the consumer's doorstep.
      • Our milk is whole, raw, farm fresh and organic.
      • The milk we deliver has not processed in any manner and there are no additives or preservatives (soda, sugar), hormones like oxytocin and chemicals like formalin which are used to preserve milk available in the market.
      • It is recommended that boil the milk within 30 minutes.

    1. Do you have food license?
      • Yes, we have a food license from FSSAI registered under the FSS Act, 2006 with License no. 11121001000407, refer to the website- www.pureshmilk.com.

    1. How your milk is more nutritious?
      • The fodder we provide to our cows like Berseem, Napier, Azola and even various grasses that are natural and green and contains 20% protein components.
      • We feed self-developed silage which is a healthy mixture of Maize, wheat and other grains.
      • We also feed our cows with carrot, turmeric, coriander(dhania), etc which are a natural source of minerals and vitamins with more absorption in cow's body, thus the milk produced contain 5-7% protein as compared to 2-3% protein available in packet/pouch milk.
      • Consumers are free to get the samples checked at any lab.
    1. Is your Ghee organic?
      • Yes, it is organic; the Ghee is prepared in house and is free from any external chemicals. Traditional Vedic method is use for its preparations. The 60% of the fodder given to the cow is grown in-house on our own land it is free from pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

    1. What is traditional Vedic method?
      • Vedic method starts with preparation of then separation of cream from that followed by heating and then filtrations which then produce to pure and organic ghee.

    1. Do you have food license?
      • Yes, we have a food license from FSSAI registered under the FSS Act, 2006 with License no. 11119001000016, refer to the website- www.pureshmilk.com .
    1. Which breed of cows do you have?
      • We have good varieties of Desi and HF breed cows. The cows on our farm are healthier from other farms.
      • Images can be checked on our website- www.pureshmilk.com.

    1. Are the cows happy? How do you maintain the physical and emotional wellbeing of the livestock at the farm?
      • At our Farms, we use the best methods of maintaining milk cattle and top dairy consultants have been appointed which has helped them to understand the key inputs for cattle well being:
      • There are no flies and mosquitoes in the cow shelters - natural methods such as smoke from grass and anti-mosquito repellants are put into practice for this.
      • Utmost care is taken to maintain good diet and health of the cows.
    1. What kind of fodder are used in your farm for cow feeding?
      • Round the year, the type of fodder and grains keep changing as per the weather.For e.g. Wheat, Bajra, Mustard, Oats, Barley, Maize, Alfa, Berseem, Azola, which are rich in protein, is fed around the year to cattle. This ensures that the protein level in the milk is high.
      • We use hydroponic technology to get In-house green fodder round the year.

    1. Do you use hormone injections on the cows?
      • No, we don't use any kind of artificial growth hormones or Oxytocin, etc.
    1. Why do you use glass bottles to deliver the milk?
      • Glass is one of the safest materials on earth, for the packaging of F&B products. It is non-toxic and non-reactive, as compared to other packaging materials such as plastic, which can leach into food products.
      • Our brand values don't go with plastic or anti-environment materials, thus we use glass bottles for packaging. It is very tough for us to work with daily supplies in glass bottles, but we cannot compromise with purity and hygiene.

    1. Do you use food grade quality bottles for packaging?
      • Yes, we use neat and clean lead-free glass bottles which ensures freshness and purity of the milk.
      • Milk in glass bottles is healthier than in the plastic.

    1. How do you ensure that milk is not adulterated in transit?
      • We use lead-free glass bottles- the bottles after the packaging process are sealed in such a manner that it can only be opened at consumer's home.
      • We use live tracking technology- we use online tracking software by which every movement of our delivery boys is tracked.
      • We can track his route, stoppages and time spent at each location, thus even if he tries for any malfunctions he can be caught easily.

    1. What are the milk delivery timings and procedure?
      • We have two slots, morning (6.00 to 10.00 am) and evening (5.00 to 9.00pm). You can subscribe for either of the two slots.
      • The exact time of delivery would depend on your address and our schedule for that particular area. For details please contact our customer care at 9297777440

    1. Do I have to return the empty bottles?
      • Yes, the empty bottles should be returned on every next delivery.

    1. Is there any charges if bottle is damaged by me?
      • We understand that the bottle is fragile and can be damaged at the consumer's home. We don't charge for the first damaged bottle. Thereafter, each damaged bottle is charged @ ₹ 50.

    1. Is there any service/delivery charge?
      • No, there are no delivery charges. It is included in the subscription.

    1. In which areas you deliver milk?
      • We are delivering our milk in entire Municipal area of Ranchi. We have also started delivering milk in suburbs of Ranchi like Namkum.
      • We will be coming soon to more areas of Ranchi.
    1. What is the price of milk?
      • Price of one bottle of milk which contains one liter of milk(or approx 1030 gm of milk) is Rs 66 at present. If you order only half liter milk bottle it will be charged at Rs 35 presently. This price is updated time to time. We request you to speak to our customer care: 929-7777-440 for the latest price of our milk.

    1. How can I request a trial or sample at my home?
      • Yes, we provide sample once we receive a request from the customer.
      • Through our website- you can log in to www.pureshmilk.com and click on ‘Request a trial' and fill your basic details such as name, number, address, etc and submit.
      • Through our Mobile App- you can download our from Google Playstore, search ‘Puresh Daily'. Currently, we only have the Android App. After the installation of the App, you can click on ‘Request a trial' and submit your contact details.
      • Call/Whatsapp- you can call on our customer care number-9297777440 any time between 6 AM to 9 PM on any day.

      • Once we receive your contact details our customer care executive reconfirms your preferred date and time before delivering your sample.

    1. How can I subscribe for milk on a regular/daily basis?
      • Once you have tasted/tried the sample, either we call you or you may call us to take feedback. If you are willing to become a regular customer.
      • We register you in our database with details and quantity required and start delivering milk from the date you want. You can use our Mobile App to change/cancel orders and for online payment etc.
      • We provide you a pink payment card which will be used to record your payment details and history, whenever you pay via any mode please take the signature of the delivery boy.

    1. What are the modes of payment accepted?
    2. We accept all modes of payment –
      • Cash/Cheque- you can give cash or cheque to our delivery boys while doing so please take the signature of him on the pink color payment card given to you.
      • Online payment- NEFT, BHIM UPI, Online payment using CC/DC/Netbanking, paytm, etc- you can use our Mobile App to use the above payment gateways.
      • For your payment history got to the ‘Reports' section on our Mobile App.

    1. How can I see the status of milk delivered to me?
      • You can check it on our App in the ‘Reports' section.
      • You can call our customer care executive and get the status of milk and payment history through a hardcopy via our delivery boy or via Email.

    1. Can I add/change my milk requirement if I m travelling or have guests over?
      • Yes, you can easily do by APP by midnight pm a day before or you can call or whtastapp our customer care at 9297777440 if you want the quantities to be modified.
      • You can chose the Vacation mode also to put dates of hold delivery of milk.

    1. How can I Cancel/Change the quantity of milk according to my requirements?
      • Via Mobile App( preferred method)- After logging in go to the calendar and select the date for which you want to cancel/change the quantity and then select the quantity required and click on ‘Update', click on ‘Cancel' to cancel your delivery.
      • If the milk is not required for a long period, go to ‘Menu' then ‘Vacations', select the date range and click on ‘Schedule'.
      • Call/Whatsapp Us- you can call/ Whatsapp our customer care executive at 9297777440 between 6 AM to 9 PM and change/cancel your milk.

    1. Do you have any scheme/offer?
      • Yes, we have ‘Refer and Win' scheme in which consumer will get 3 liters milk absolutely free if he/she refer PURESH DAILY to their friend or relatives.
      • The person referred will request a trial( 0.5 liters) and becomes regular than only the reward can be redeemed.

    1. Exotic fruits: Are these Fresh and good quality Fruits?
      • YAll the fruits available at Puresh APP are grown through us at our known farms. These farmers grow the fruits organically without using chemical pesticides and insecticides. We pluck the fruits only a day before to ensure freshness.

    1. Are there any hidden charges?
      • No, there are no additional/hidden charges whatsoever.

    1. Why should I install and use the App?
    2. The app is designed to ensure consumer convenience as well as to eliminate the paperwork that every consumer has to maintain for every month for milk. We have some more features:-
      • Flexible ordering- You can now change the quantity or cancel the delivery on the go, earlier if you were not at home, the milk as well as money were wasted as milk vendor didn't know about your absence. You can change your quantity or cancel till 3 AM for morning slot and 3 PM for the evening slot.
      • Online payment- You can pay your bills through our App in any Payment mode such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, Bhim UPI, Netbanking, Debit/Credit Card, etc.
      • Reports- You can view your payment history, milk delivered quantity, wallet balance on any date through the App. You don't have to maintain any account for Milk.
      • Report an Issue- You can raise a complaint against milk delivered for quality and quantity issues, our customer care executives will call you to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.

    1. How can I install and signup for the App?
      • Go to Play Store and search for ‘Puresh Daily' and install the App on your Android smartphone.
      • If you have installed it for the first time you will see our banners and after clicking on done, you will see our login page, Click on ‘Register'.
      • Enter your mobile number and click on ‘GET OTP'.
      • You will receive an OTP via SMS, enter the OTP and click on ‘VERIFY' then set your desired password.
      • Once we receive your contact details our customer care executive confirms your preferred date and time to deliver your sample to your doorstep.
      • Once you have collected the sample, either we call you or you may call us to take feedback.
      • If you are willing to become a regular customer, We register you in our database with details and quantity and start delivering milk from the date you want.
      • After subscription, Login with your Mobile number and Password.

    1. What are the features available in the App and how can I use these features?
      • Profile- To view your Account details (name, address, email id mobile no.)
      • Go to the menu and click on ‘Profile'.
      • Vacations- If you want to suspend your milk for a long period- Go to MENU→Vacations→ Select the date range→Click on ‘Schedule'.
      • Reports- You can view your payment history, milk delivery quantities and balance in the ‘Reports' section.
        • Change- Select the date for which you want to change the quantity then select the quantity and click on ‘Update'.
        • Cancel- If you want to cancel your delivery, simply click on ‘Cancel delivery'.
      • Report an Issue- After receipt of your milk you will get a notification, if you are not satisfied with the quality or quantity of the milk, you can report an issue, to report an issue- Go to Calendar→Select the date
        • For quantity issue- Click on first ‘Report'→ Update the Actually delivered quantity→'Submit'.
        • For quality issue- Click on second ‘Report'→ Write your issue→'Submit'.
      • Wallet -Click on the ‘Wallet' icon on the top right corner to view your wallet balance.
      • Payments- you can also pay for your subscriptions via our app through any mode such as NEFT, BHIM UPI, Online payment using CC/DC/Netbanking, paytm, etc.

    1. I have an iPhone, Can I install the ‘Puresh Daily' app on IOS?
      • Sorry, currently we don't have ‘Puresh Daily' App for IOS, but we are working, It will be available soon for IOS users.

    1. Can I request a sample through the app?
      • Yes, once you have registered on the app you get a notification with a message ‘Thank you for registering with Puresh Daily. We will get in touch with you very soon on your registered mobile number for verification. Once verified you will be able to login'.
      • It means that our customer care executive will call you and check your exact requirements like whether you require a sample or you are already our regular customer or not. Once we verify from our side in our software system, you can log in easily.