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    Ashok Nagar
    Main Road
    Upper Bazaar
    Booty More
    Mecon Colony
    Satellite Colony
    Bangali Tola
    Dusadh Mohalla
    Main Road
    Subhash Chowk
    Rani Bagh
    Saudagar Mohalla
    Seth Mohalla
    Thana Chowk
    Ramgarh Cantt
  • Timing Ranchi: 07:00 - 09:30 AM Ramgarh: 04:30 - 06:30 PM
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About Our Farm

We are committed to providing you 100% pure cow milk fresh from our own farm, unlike other milk companies which source milk from various farms and storing it for many days before it reaches you.


We do not use chemical in the entire chain of milk production. We grow nutritious fodder like Napier, Azola, Berseem and Silk grass – all these have around 15 to 20 % protein and have higher nutrition value. The land used for growing these grass is pesticide , fertilizer free and was not used for any commercial cultivation for more than 20 years. We only use own vermi compost organic manure to cow fodder. We do not give hormone injection to increase puresh milk production. We give our cows mostly natural medicines like Haldi, Dhania, carrot etc and we do not supply milk of any cows which are sick.

Cow eating organic grass
Latest agriculture technology

Latest Agri-Tech

Puresh milk use latest Dairy technology to keep the quality of milk at its best. We use Hydroponics to grow green and organic fodder in our indoor facility all round the year. Also techniques of Azola culture, healthy breeding of cows for right health of calfs too. We have organic vermicompost culture facility in our farm which is also use for growing organic fodder, vegetables and fruits in our farm. Thus the farm in itself is self sustainable and do not get exposed to harmful chemicals or infections from outside. We use dairy equipments for minimal manual touch and only provide infection- free and healthy Puresh milk from farm to home.


The cow sheds at Puresh milk are designed with best in comfort , space and natural environment to cows. The farm is spread in 2 acres land with lot of space for free grazing and exposure to sun. There are more than 400 trees in the farm to give shade during summers and well covered during winter too. We feel proud that our cows are much healthier and thus do not need much medicines. After all healthy cows means healthy milk. The area is washed many times a day using water pumps, well lighted, cows have cow mat. The puresh milk farm is continuously monitored using CCTV camera and one person from management team of puresh milk is present everyday.

Cleaning the cow
Trained veterinarian

Trained Veterinarian

The staff are Puresh milk farms are fully trained , even have experience of more than 20 years. They are trained to treat all cows and calf with the feeling of ‘GOW SEVA’ . We know that puresh milk will decide the future health of our children, hence a happy cow can only give a healthy and nutritious milk. Our sheds are designed that calfs are closer to their mother cows. Puresh milk staff clean, massage the cows everyday and as per season take good care. Puresh milk is a HAPPY MILK as we play music in our premises, our staff have quarters to stay, they are paid well, regularly send to trainings. Puresh milk is a brand which our staff is proud of.