August 2018


Here are some simple tests that you can perform at home to check the quality of the milk you buy. Kickstart with the starch test Starch, a carbohydrate, is commonly found in potatoes. If added to milk, it reduces its fat content by boosting its carbohydrate content. Just add 2 tablespoons of salt to about 5 ml of the milk you want to test. If the mixture turns blue, then you can be certain that starch has been used for adulteration. Water, water everywhere. Not a drop of milk? Water in the milk you buy is not going to harm your health as such, unless the water itself is impure. However, its presence means that your milkman or vendor is engaging in a practice that amounts to cheating. In order to check for this, just put a drop of the milk on your fist or a slanted surface and…