Milk may be a common drink of our daily diet. But not every-time the milk we take is pure; it may have urea, formalin, starch and water as impurity. Packed milk from reputed brands as well as milk purchased from milk-vendors may be adulterated thus it’s necessary to test for the milk before consuming. In Ranchi and nearby states we get news about adulteration every now and then, many such news items can checked on our website www.pureshmilk.com.

Puresh Daily in Ranchi, is dedicated towards offering not only pure milk to the customers but also making our customers aware about how to test impure milk and protect your family. Any milk product from Puresh Daily brand is open for any type of test.

Test for adulteration in milk can be done at home using following ways;

  • Purity test: Boil milk on slow heat for 2-3 hours until it solidifies and become onerous (khoya). Rock solid, rough residue means the milk is adulterated while oily residue means it is of good quality.
  • Checking for Synthetic Milk: Synthetic milk is created by combining chemicals and things like soap in natural milk. Synthetic milk can be simply known by bad taste. It feels soapy when rubbed and turns yellowish when heated.
  • Water in milk: Water in milk might not be dangerous for your health however expensive for your pocket. To check, put a drop of milk on your paw or any slanted surface and let it flow down. If the milk leaves a path behind, it’s not pure else its good.
  • Starch in milk: If your vendor has added starch to milk, you’ll be able to find it by adding two tablespoons to salt (iodine) to 5 ml of milk. Mixture will turn blue if milk is impure else it remains intact.
  • Formalin in milk: Formalin is used for preservation purposes. Since its transparent in colour and can preserve milk for long time, packaged manufacturers use it for adulteration purposes. To test for formalin existence in milk, take 10 ml of milk in test tube and put 2-3 drops of sulphuric acid into it. If a blue ring seems at the highest, milk is adulterated else not.
  • Urea in milk: One of the foremost common kind of adulteration in milk is mixing of urea since it doesn’t changes the taste and is small tough to discover. To check for urea in milk, mix half tablespoon of milk and soyabean (or arhar) powder together and shake well. After five minutes, dip litmus paper for thirty seconds and if there’s a colour amendment from red to blue it means that the milk has urea in it.

These adulterants have dangerous effects on health so please be aware about the milk you consuming as it is an important part of our diet.

Many such milk impurity test kits available on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

We at Puresh Daily, create confidence for our consumers to test the milk at home as well as at our Organic Dairy farm in any manner.

We at Puresh Daily, www.pureshmilk.com, are on a mission of #MakingRanchiHealthier.


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