Things To Know

Dear PURESH DAILY Customer

We are delighted to have you onboard on our Daily Milk delivery Service. Here we will take you through a few things you must know about PURESH MILK.

PURESH MILK is raw and whole milk, unlike other branded pouch milk which is pasteurized. Hence, you must boil the milk within half an hour of delivery of milk at your doorstep.  This will prevent it from curdling.

In order to manage your milk schedules and billing, we request you to download our app from Google Playstore. You can download our app by clicking on this link

Don’t Worry, It’s an easy-to-use App. Just follow this video tutorial: PURESH DAILY APP TUTORIAL





Our Milk Rate

Our Milk Rate in Ranchi:  Rs 60 Per litre

Payment Options

You can pay through one of these methods

  1.  Directly to our Bank Account 


A/C number:  38851392780

IFSC: SBIN0001237

With this payment method, you get a 3% reward on the amount paid,  which will be credited to your Puresh Daily Account. Make sure you share proof of payment to our customer care whatsapp: 9297777440

2.  Through any UPI app (by scanning this QR code):

Use this below QR Code to scan and Pay through any UPI app. We are currently offering a reward of 3% on the amount paid on payment thru this method. Make sure you share the proof of payment on our customer care WhatsApp number: 9297777440

3.  Through PURESH DAILY App:

In order to pay through this method, you need to click on the menu icon and then Payments. It will show the current balance and accordingly you can add an amount as per your wish and as per the various payment options available like credit card/debit card/Internet banking/ wallets etc.

Please note that we are not offering any reward using this payment method.

4. Cash on Request : 

If You want to pay through cash, you may request the same on our customer care number: 9297777440.

Please make sure you keep the amount ready with you as per committed time.

If the payment collection person returns without collecting cash we will deduct 40 Rs from your account balance.

Also, check the ID card of the Person collecting the payment.  After the payment, collect the money receipt which must be retained as proof of payment.

5. Debit Card/Credit card swipe at home

You can request payment through this option, wherein payment collection person will visit your home with the swiping machine. You can swipe any credit card or debit card to pay through this option.

This payment option is however chargeable as per below

1. For Debit Cards: 1% of the amount paid

2. For Credit Cards: 2% of the amount paid


Regarding Quantity of milk delivered

Once the milk is delivered, you will receive a notification on the quantity of milk delivered to you. If by any chance, the quantity updated in your account is not correct, you are requested to report the same in the app or to our customer care number: 9297777440 within 24 hours of delivery.  We will investigate the same and correct it as per actual.

We will not be able to rectify or make any change in the quantity delivered if the same is reported after 24 hours of milk delivery.