For many parents in Bokaro, their kid not drinking milk is one of the first problems they have to face when trying to inculcate proper eating habits in their child. As necessary because it may be to just accept that your child doesn’t like milk, there also are ways in which will facilitate your kid get want to drinking milk properly.

Puresh Daily- Pure Cow milk delivery service in Bokaro is committed to bring healthy habits in children which includes drinking milk and not choosing cola and other artificial drinks. We feel proud to say that we have many such customers whose children do not like drinking milk earlier, but started drinking milk after tasting Puresh Daily organic cow milk.

You have to understand why today’s generation kids do not drink milk compared to previous generation.

  • Today we are dependent on pouch milk which is 4-10 days old milk and is chemically treated. So it loses its natural taste and freshness. There is a repulsive smell that comes from plastic pouches which the kids doesn’t like.
  • The cows are not fed with green and other natural feed. Factory-made feed mix which may have urea is often given to increase milk production. This also gives a bad taste to the milk.
  • Our modern life style promotes Cola as a cool stylish drink option and drinking milk is considered childish. This wrong message has to be discouraged by parents, schools and media.

However, to encourage kids to drink milk, there are a few techniques and strategies you can employ to break their initial barriers and introduce them to the tastiness of milk all over again.

  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be milk. Start by introducing dairy-based food product to your kid and let him develop a taste for those. With yoghurt, cheese and ghee, not only does he get the nutrition, but he will be more open to trying out milk due to them.
  • Replace plain milk with various dishes such as milkshakes and smoothies so that he become ready to drink it due to the flavour.
  • There are some interesting straws or quirky mugs you can get your child that you can name with superhero powers, which will get your child interested and lead him to drink the milk.
  • If it is the smell of the milk, you can counter that with a slight tweaking of the taste. Adding vanilla essence, dry fruit powder, or different mixes can make it easier for him to drink it.
  • Make it your little one’s duty. Ask him to go and make a glass of milk for himself and he might unconsciously do it as well.
  • Try to join your child in the activity. Keep aside the cup of tea or coffee for a few days and enjoy drinking milk with your children.
  • Don’t start by giving an entire glass of milk. Start little, in simple quantities, and focus on finishing them completely first.

Figuring out a way to get a baby to drink milk can be a challenge for many parents.

By opting for a few strategies and making it an activity where you join them too, you can help them enjoy milk.

Puresh Daily is always there for you to ensure your family health by giving such information, to know more please visit www.pureshmilk.com,
To try our sample and give it to your children, feel free to call us or send your sample request on our App (you can search ‘Puresh Daily’ on Google Play store).

To try our sample and give it to your children, feel free to call us or send your sample request on our App (you can search ‘Puresh Daily’ on Google Play store).

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