Are you aware of the effects on your health by the milk available in plastic pouches?

If the answer is NO for this question then unknowingly you are putting your family in trouble as foods in plastic pouches or bags have so many bad effects on your family’s health.

If the answer is YES, switch to the milk in glass containers, now you might have a question that ‘ how milk in a glass bottle is better than in plastic pouches?’

Let us find out the answer to this question to know that what makes glass bottles a better choice for milk packaging over plastic pouches!

Milk in glass bottles is left closer to its original state than milk in another packaging. Due to the less processed nature of the milk, more enzymes remain. This makes it easier to digest, and many people with milk intolerances can drink milk in glass bottles.

Glass bottles keep milk cold longer. Colder milk is tastier milk.

Milk Bottles Make Milk Tastes Better

Glass bottles don’t transfer a foreign scent and taste into the milk, the way paper or plastic containers do. Drinking milk from glass bottles is the only way to get that delicious true milk taste. The tastier the milk, the more likely kids will drink it, Which is a win for parents in India.

Glass Bottles Are Eco-Friendly

A milk bottle can be reused as many times.
This not only reduces waste going to our landfills but also helps to promote sustainable agriculture.

Milk Bottles Support Local Farms

Local farmers are your neighbours. By buying milk in glass bottles you are helping to support farms in your area. These farmers care about the product they are producing and work hard to bring farm fresh milk to your table.

On the other hand, the chemicals that make up plastic pouches include BPA and DEHA, when food is stored in plastic pouches these chemicals can leach into the food and then be ingested. Plastic remains a toxic product that undeniably impacts our environment and our health also. So say NO to milk in plastic pouches!

Are you convinced? Does milk in glass bottles better?

It seemed that the Glass bottle had been replaced. But not so fast! The milk bottle is having a COMEBACK! Why? You ask.
Because, At PURESH DAILY, we are aware, milk in glass bottles is better!
So, PURESH DAILY is here with pure and fresh milk in glass bottles directly from its organic farm which ensures the purity and freshness of the milk and trying to make Ranchi healthier.


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