Milk is  the most important food for any family. If
this gets missed, delayed or less quantity which you require, then everybody’s
day cycle gets disturbed. Ranchi
have been facing this issue with milk home delivery service.                                                         

A local milk vendor or milk
pouch delivery boys lacks reliability in their milk or home delivery service.
It is due to poor planning, festivals, less manpower and no accountability.

Now that Puresh Daily- 100%
pure organic cow milk with home delivery
service in Ranchi
is available. To know more visit www.pureshmilk.com

Let us find out what are the problems of local milk vendor delivery service and how Puresh Daily has solved these problems to bring best milk home delivery service in Ranchi.

Why milk delivery in Ranchi from local milk vendors is not reliable?

  • Time is the
    biggest issue in terms of milk delivery from local milk vendors, milk is an
    essential food for the family, sometimes due to late milk delivery, children in Ranchi become late for
    their school.
  • The
    consumers who buy milk from a local vendor, they are not sure that they will
    get the milk or not as local milk vendors don’t have any systematic process.
  • During the
    festival, they sell their milk in the market to earn more profit and make an
    excuse for their regular customers.
  • Sometimes
    when their cows give less quantity of milk, to meet the quantity of milk of
    their consumers they mix water, milk powder, etc.
  • Their
    containers to carry milk for delivery are not clean and may result in the
    consumers’ bad health.
  • The local
    milk vendors use manual calculation which leads to conflicts between the
    consumer and the vendor.
  • Sometimes
    due to lack of communication, the milk vendors deliver the milk even if the
    consumer were not at home and take money for the unused milk.
  • Many a time
    they cheat on milk quantity also.

Delivery problem with milk
pouches -To buy pouch milk you have to go to the shop which takes your time and

These problems show the
non-reliability of local milk vendors among milk consumers in Ranchi and earlier there was no other option
available for the customers, but now you have a choice and that is Puresh

Do you need a reliable milk delivery service in Ranchi! Visit our website www.pureshmilk.com

How Puresh Daily is a
reliable milk delivery service in Ranchi?

In order to overcome the
problem of non-reliability of milk
delivery service in Ranchi
and to serve people with pure and fresh milk,
‘PUERSH DAILY’ has initiated the best
milk delivery service in Ranchi,

  • Milk is
    delivered to the consumers in an appropriate time slot which is for the morning
    is 6AM to 10AM and for evening 5PM to 9PM.
  • Milk is
    delivered according to their preferred time.
  • We deliver
    milk daily, even if there is a festival, we do not have to make excuses.
  • We have a
    Mobile App which enables consumers
  • Change
    the quantity for the next delivery
  • Cancel
    the next delivery
  • Suspend
    the milk if you are going on vacations
  • The
    customers do not have to maintain accounts for milk as the reports related to
    milk quantities and payment history is available in the App.
  • We deliver
    the accurate quantity and best quality of milk in a sealed bottle, as the
    sealed bottle’s quantity is fixed. However, if you have any issues about the
    quality and quantity you can report it to us in no time.

Thus if you need a reliable milk delivery partner switch to Puresh Daily from the unorganized local milk vendors in Ranchi.


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