desi cow milk in Ranchi
, you must
be searching, isn’t it?

Where we will find organic milk in Ranchi?

Now, this question has an
answer for the people of Ranchi.

Yes, Ranchi’s wait is over now as Puresh Daily is here, where you can get pure organic milk directly to your home through our reliable milk home delivery service in Ranchi.

Our Organic farm is in Ormanjhi, Ranchi and we are serving our consumers in Ranchi with home delivery of milk in most locations.

Why Puresh milk is Organic?

Puresh Daily has its own
organic farm where we produce organic fodder for cows. We do not give any
injections or hormones and use ayurvedic treatments as much as possible.

How Puresh milk is a
healthier and better option for children?

  • We feed our cows with fodder which is high in nutrition such as  Azola, Berseem, Nappier and even farm-grown grains and vegetables. These grains and vegetables contain 20% protein content and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Thus, Puresh milk is having 6-7% protein content whereas normal pouch milk is having only 2-3% of protein.
  • Our farm has a mix of desi, hybrid and HF cows of premium cross-breed of India. Thus the milk has all the benefits of desi cow milk.
  • We do not add any milk powder, chemicals and not even a drop of water so that our consumers get natural and whole milk.
  • We pack the milk in glass bottles so that no harmful chemicals of the plastic pouches can be mixed with the milk. The milk is sealed at source and it can only be opened at the customer’s home.
  • We don’t process our milk in any form and deliver the whole raw milk for the people of Ranchi, and we deliver it in glass bottles through which we ensure hygiene, good taste, milk nutrition, protein, etc.
  • Most of our customers are such which have small children in their home and they are so happy with the results on their children’s health. Thus Puresh milk is no doubt the best milk in Ranchi.

To read more about our milk,
farm and delivery process, visit www.pureshmilk.com

In the market, locally
available gwala milk is not reliable and even if you go and buy from their
cowshed or khatal, they mix some of the other adulterants because they have the
greed of high profit and they don’t think for long term customer relationships.

in Ranchi
feed their children with
milk by local vendors, collection, etc which has harmful chemicals like urea,
soda, formalin, etc. These types of milk have an adverse effect on a child’s
physical health as well as on mental health. This can be seen by doing a survey
from doctors in Ranchi. Most of the paediatricians in Ranchi suggest healthy
and organic milk for children.

Please do not play with your
child health and serve them with organic desi cow milk from PURESH DAILY
organic farm which reaches you after milking and packaging in glass bottles
directly to your home.

The Puresh milk is open for
any kind of milk testing in Ranchi and the brand already has a food license
FSSAI number.

Organic milk in Ranchi means Puresh Daily as we are here for a mission #makingranchihealthier.


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